Account Recovery Services

HS Financial Group delivers a professional, compliant, and personalized approach to recovering your receivables. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we use proven methodologies and continuous compliance training to increase recovery results while providing unsurpassed customer service to consumers and clients. HS Financial Group operates with complete integrity and delivers the heightened level of security and professionalism that your accounts require. Our strict adherence to rigorous quality standards maximizes client profitability while exceeding client expectations. Licensed in all 50 states, we create the perfect balance of performance and compliance to expand your opportunities for growth.

Call Center Services

Save your valuable time and resources by utilizing our superior call center and debt collection services. HS Financial Group is proud of our 100% client satisfaction rating. Let our experienced team manage recoveries so you can focus on your day-to-day business. We utilize the latest technology and employ compassionate professionals to ensure the highest level of compliance and service. Reduce unnecessary overhead and increase your bottom line by putting our exceptional customer service, technology, and innovation to work for you.


HS Financial Group is ready to assist creditors with the immediate liquidation of receivable portfolios. In conjunction with our affiliated law firm, we have the ability to operate in all jurisdictions across the country. We can efficiently liquidate your secured, unsecured, and distressed debt. When you need access to a reliable source of capital, HS Financial Group can liquidate your non-performing portfolios in: auto, banking, retail, credit card, personal loan, and more.


HS Financial Group is committed to complete compliance. Owned and managed by attorneys, HS Financial Group goes above and beyond the compliance required by the laws, regulations, and standards that govern our industry. We are constantly optimizing our processes and procedures to stay ahead of the competition and improve performance as well as enhance the client experience.


We take the physical and electronic security of our clients’ data very seriously and implement multiple layers of technology to keep your information secure. Some of the key aspects of our security are:

  • Monitoring office entry points through employee-issued electronically controlled key card access
  • Limiting access to server and file rooms through electronically controlled key card access that is based on employment position
  • 24/7 closed circuit video cameras that monitor the inside and immediate vicinity outside of sensitive areas such as the server and file rooms, lobbies, and all entry points
  • Sign-In Log for Visitors and Chaperone policy
  • Each employee is issued an individual ID and password (which changes regularly) for access to the Network and Management Systems
  • Use of defined roles within the Management System to limit access of system and information to only those with designated roles and/or authority
  • All workstations are installed with anti-virus software
  • All workstations are regularly updated with Microsoft Security Patches
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan with designated roles for key personnel, available upon request
  • Flexible Reporting System that provides the firm with real time metrics on the industry and clients to allow full transparency during audits and case management
Account Recovery Services being Provided by HS Financial Group

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