Account Recovery/
Debt Collection Services

HS Financial Group delivers a professional, compliant, and personalized approach to recovering your receivables. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we use proven methodologies and continuous compliance training to increase recovery results while providing unsurpassed customer service to consumers and clients.

Our strict adherence to rigorous quality standards maximizes client profitability. Licensed in all 50 states, we strive for the perfect balance of performance and compliance to expand your opportunities for growth.

Call Center Services

In addition to account recovery and debt collection services, HS Financial Group serves clients in a diverse range of call center projects.

If your business needs to make outbound calls and/or receive inbound calls, let our highly trained, compassionate staff handle this business need.

We use the latest technology to complement our outstanding staff to ensure the highest level of compliance and service. Reduce unnecessary overhead and increase your bottom line by putting our exceptional customer service, technology, and innovation to work for you.

Debt Buying Services

HS Financial Group purchases portfolios of unsecured, charged-off debt from creditors such as banks, financial institutions, and consumer and auto lenders.  We have made over 120 debt purchases and are a long-time member of the Receivables Management Association, the debt buying industry’s largest trade association.

Creditors benefit greatly from the immediate cash infusion they receive when they sell their delinquent accounts.  They also benefit because they no longer have to manage a non-performing portfolio.

If you have receivables such as credit cards, auto and consumer loans, business loans, rent-to-own loans, and similar that are delinquent, contact us to determine whether may want to purchase them.


Compliance with the rules, laws, and regulations governing the collection of debt is at the heart of everything we do. Owned and managed by attorneys, HS Financial Group holds itself to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our dealings with borrowers. We strive to treat borrowers as we would want to be treated.


Information security is paramount at HS Financial Group. We employ cutting-edge technology to provide multiple layers of physical and electronic security to keep your information secure. Key aspects of our security are:

  • Access to office entry points, server rooms, and file rooms is strictly controlled with electronic key cards
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • 24/7 closed circuit video cameras to monitor sensitive areas inside and outside our office
  • Sign-In Log for Visitors and a Chaperone Policy
  • Password-protected access to all Network and Management Systems
  • Strict hierarchical control of access to systems and information
  • All workstations have anti-virus software and are regularly updated with Microsoft Security Patches
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan with designated roles for key personnel
Account Recovery Services being Provided by HS Financial Group

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