Consumer Financial Resources

HS Financial Group is committed to providing consumers with exceptional customer service. Part of this commitment to customer service is providing educational resources to further one’s knowledge of tracking their financial health. The following resources include valuable information on obtaining credit checks, rebuilding your finances, and advice on how to save/ borrow.

Receivables Management Association

RMA provides an exceptional Consumer Resources section on rmassociation.org. It provides tools for consumers to learn more about managing their money and debt, protecting against identity theft, what to do when you are contacted by a collector, and many more.


My Money.gov is a resource provided by the federal government offering financial education to consumers. The site explains five building blocks for managing and growing your money called The MYMoney Five. These principles include: Earn, Save & Invest, Protect, Spend, and Borrow.


Mint.com is a free resource for consumers to obtain their credit score and education on the meaning of the score.  It also provides tips on credit monitoring, tools for budgeting and tracking bills, and investment tracking.


TransUnion.com provides consumers with credit education, credit report assistance, credit offers, and identity protection tips. This site also provides consumer with access to information on debt and money management, as well as, credit monitoring.

Consumers utilizing the Consumer resources provided by HS Financial Group

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